The lesser-known Christmas traditions…

When I was younger I had an Italian friend who got a lump of coal on Christmas. I remember being shocked – a lump of coal?  But then she started gnawing at the black lump in her hand and I realised my mistake. Her version of Father Christmas (La Befana) was not as mean as I’d at first thought. The lump of coal was in actual fact a sweet treat and was merely the appetiser before the real presents arrived. I went straight home and begged my parents to make me Italian.

Every country has its own traditions and I got to thinking about the strange customs in the world.  Europe has some scary characters wandering the streets around Christmas. Look out for the Krampus who roams the Germanic countries – click here. I’m quite grateful for jolly Father Christmas after all!

Personally, I’m off to sunnier climes to celebrate Christmas where I’ll be following the local tradition of having turkey on the Weber – on the beach.

Merry merry!

Lara Crisp, Managing Editor

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