The Fair, Flowers, and Fanahan…

While hardly reeling from the London Book Fair (half my meetings were with overseas agents and publishers who didn’t make it due to ‘volcanic action’), I’m actually quite glad to be in the office again. I have been sorting through the various catalogues, flyers and whatnot I’d picked up at the fair, when I came across a lovely little flowery postcard.

The one good thing about having half my meetings cancelled is that it freed up time to wander around and visit other exhibitors, and it was on one of my meanderings that I chanced upon Fanahan Books.  If you love flowers or are searching for the perfect gift for a garden-lover, you’d struggle to find a prettier present than one of their publications. I got chatting to the charming publisher, who I then found out was also the florist. And the author. And the photographer. Aren’t some people just overachievers?
It was a lovely surprise to find the postcard this morning with a link to her website and blog. She’s currently working on a book with a collection of messages people send with flower deliveries and I believe is still trying to fill up the last few pages. If you’ve ever received flowers with a message that is wonderfully romantic, poignant or hilarious do get in touch with her.

Me, I’m off to plant some daisies in soup tins.

Lara Crisp, Managing Editor

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