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Anyone who spends time on Facebook will have an inkling of the way targeted advertising is headed. One small tweak of a relationship status and you’ll find your page overflowing with ad boxes for bridal hair, hen party ideas and rings. I understand that FB isn’t slow on the uptake when new parents use the site to share pictures of their bundles of joy: nappy offers ahoy! I’m in that no-man’s land where weight-loss and gambling ads seem to be the norm, oh joy.

I can’t be in the minority these days in treating adverts like an insistent, irritating presence? It’s now second nature for me to start my favourite TV shows 5 or 10 minutes late, so that with the wonder of digital TV recorders I can cut out all of the ad breaks. Just how laissez-faire are we becoming with omni-present advertising? I’m not sure whether the ad-laden Kindle or Yahoo’s plans for ebook advertising would be excruciatingly distracting or an easy price to pay for cheaper content?

What do you think?

Lesley-Anne Crooks, Sales & Digital Marketing Manager

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2 thoughts on “Space to read / advertising space”

  1. It is very annoying – I barely use Facebook but if I buy an ironing board from or a pair of socks from marks & I am forever seeing ads for ironing boards or socks from these websites as inserts when I visit, eg, The Guardian. I mean, if you buy an ironing board you are not going to want another one, are you?!! Ads are such a curse (and I don’t watch commercial TV as it is ruined by the ad/sponsor breaks).

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