This weekend, make a care package for a stranger…

It’s almost November, and November is a month for caring. Poppy’s adorning coats and lapels , the growing (across the face) trend for moustaches, as the gentlemen-folk of London raise awareness of testicular and prostate cancer, oh comely magazine’s care package project – wait… that’s a new one?!

Yup, it’s not quite so renowned (yet!) and I wonder whether it’s an idea that would ever catch on, given the busy schedule of most modern readers. However, the idealist within me (she doesn’t come out all too often, thank goodness) agrees that yes, something cheerful to brighten up your post and show that people do take time for caring is at least something to aspire to.

So what’s the concept and how can I be involved? Well, upon clicking the below link and filling out the correct form, you too can be paired up with a total stranger (bear with me) and prepare a package of surprises for each other. Hands up who misses having a pen-friend as a child. This is the grown-up version and, more relevant to this blog, a fantastic way to share your favourite books with someone new. Why not pop those well-loved copies you were storing under the bed in for good measure, and who knows – you might spark a book club as well as a friendship.

Click here to begin the fun.


Kathryn Colwell, Publishing Assistant

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