Re-Covered Books

We all have favourite books and cherished covers but what if someone re-imagined those beloved jackets? That’s exactly what the Re-Covered Book contest aims to do: ‘A creative contest which asks readers to push the limits of book design‘. 

Everything from Jane Eyre to Harry Potter has been re-covered in this creative, remarkable competition.

It’s hard not to spend hours scrolling through the imaginative interpretations of these books. A few of my favourites are:

Jared Fanning‘s alternative re-cover of Fight Club (which ended up winning the contest):


Wyn Tiedmers‘ re-cover of Jane Eyre which wonderfully captures the Gothic elements of the story:


And Daniel Lopez‘s otherworldly re-cover of Dracula:


Have a look through these fantastic re-covers and see if you have a favourite.

Sophie, Editorial Administrator

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