Rachel Caine – How do keep thinking up new ideas and keep readers hooked?

Q. Hello! I’m reading your Morganville Vampire Series and I am very impressed at how you come up with such amazing ideas all in one book, and how you have managed to keep me amazed and interested for every book of the series, you make up complete shocks for every book. Anyway, what I am asking is, how do you make people want to come back for more and carry on reading (apart from cliff hangers) and how do you carry on thinking of new ideas?
I am writing a book myself and would like some help! Thank you!
La-Dantai Henriques, England

A. First, I want to send you my best wishes and encouragement on your writing! I am always delighted to meet someone on the path.

It’s a great question, and in some sense there isn’t a universal answer. Some writers keep readers coming back through the power of their characters and their emotions; some (like me, I suspect) treat a story as more of a high wire act … drawing readers along for the surprise and suspense. Still others find their strength in the beauty of their use of language.

I can only really speak for myself, but I find that I have tp excite and surprise myself with my story before anything else. If I do it right, readers enjoy the ride along with me. But like any roller coaster, the trick is to throw in a lot of sharp, unexpected curves!

Thank you so much for the question, and good luck in your writing!

Rachel Caine

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