Living the London life…

During my short time in London I have now experienced widespread riots and looting, a dog bite, panic at the inability to find anywhere to live, and a gas leak. So that’s civil unrest, animal attack, potential homelessness and chemical poisoning so far. I feel like I only need some sort of plague or natural disaster (and maybe an alien abduction?), and then I’ll have collected the whole set.

Thankfully there are also some good things about London. I think the downsides are just about balanced out by a very good production of Much Ado About Nothing, some touristy trips to art galleries, sunny afternoons on the south bank, and the fact that it’s generally always a few degrees warmer than Wales. So as long as I don’t get hit by a bendy bus any time soon, all is well.

Speaking of the riots, journalists have finally discovered the root cause of the trouble:

Read The Daily Mash article here…

We really should have known.

Sara Magness, Editorial Administrator

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