Pride and Prejudice Finds Another Face

Few of us can ever un-see the iconic image of Colin Firth as Mr Darcy slowly emerging, dripping wet, from a lake in the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Over the years, Jane Austen’s classic has been adapted for the big and small screen, also re  imagined as other novels.

mr darcy

Recently we have seen the rather wacky Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, currently in my to-read bookcase, among other takes such as the three-part drama Lost in Austen, following an Austen fan as she steps through a door in her bathroom into the world of Elizabeth Bennet.


Now, Bloomsbury presents A Guinea Pig Pride and Prejudice, an abridged version of the original text featuring images of guinea pigs as the lead characters. Although I am not a great lover of endless interpretations of classic texts, I am putting this aside to hold on to what’s important here. Guinea pigs. And Pride and Prejudice. I think Mr Firth may have some competition…

guinea pig

Kelly, Publishing Assistant

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