Personal picks from the upcoming World Shakespeare Festival

Earlier in the year I mentioned the World Shakespeare Festival, which forms part of the ‘cultural Olympiad’ taking place across the UK. Now, as the beginning of the Festival nears – it launches on 23rd April – there’s much more information available on the events. Below are a few of my highlights (see here for full details):

Desdemona (19-20th July 2012, The Barbican)
Award-winning novelist Toni Morrison is one of the two women behind this creation – described as ‘an intimate and profound conversation between Shakespeare’s Desdemona and her African nurse Barbary, from beyond the grave’. Spooky feminism – sounds good.

Verdi’s Falstaff (15-30th May 2012, Royal Opera House)
I’ve never been to see an opera, so this could be the one I start with. It’s also playing on big outdoor screens across the country, which could be nice if we have some good weather.

In a Pickle (19th-23rd June 2012, Stratford Circus)
Shakespeare for children aged two to four! I’m not sure how they’ll manage this, but the website promises to ‘take young audiences on a voyage of discovery through the landscapes of Shakespeare’s imagination and the music of his language.’

Much Ado About Nothing (22nd-27th September 2012, Noel Coward Theatre)
One of my favourite Shakespeare plays, in an Indian setting. Another one to add to my list of Indian adaptations (see my previous blog).

The Rest is Silence (13th-23rd June 2012, Riverside Studios)
‘An ambitious textual and visual deconstruction of Hamlet’ – probably not one for a Friday night, but this sounds intriguing and is being performed at the Riverside Studios, just down the road from my flat, so I think it’s one to watch!

Sara Magness, Editorial Administrator

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