One small step for man…

This week the whole world is celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the moon landing, and in honour of that great event, here are some little-known but fascinating facts I came across…

Did you know?

  • As late as 1988, a stunning 13% of the population believed that some portion of the Earth’s moon is actually comprised of cheese.
  • The average desktop computer contains 5-10 times more computing power than was used to land a man on the moon.
  • Flying once around the moon is the equivalent of a round trip from New York to London. (Earth is about four times the size of the moon.)
  • There is evidence that many people gain and lose weight in accordance with the cycles of the moon. (Great, no need to diet – just wait for the new moon to come round!)
  • The now infamous Apollo 13, which was aborted while en route to the moon in 1970 because of an exploding fuel cell, left the launch pad at 13:13 (CST) hours military time and the accident occurred on April 13 (Spooky!)

Enjoy all the moon-madness this week and for more moon-related fun factoids like this visit Moon Trivia.

Louise Watson, Editor

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