Off for an afternoon at the London Book Fair

Rushing off to the London Book Fair in fifteen minutes. Attending a seminar at 2pm entitled Online Publicity: Making the most of the Digital Media which sounds very much up my street. Bound to be very interesting…although no doubt will see me writing down a plethora of new webspeak words to look up a later. At last year’s fair I was introduced to the word and meaning of a Widget… Meant nothing to me at the time, but to prove that these seminars are worthwhile, please note we currently do have an example of this aforementioned widget on our new website – our downloadable Quote of the Week widget (which you can keep on your desktop). You see? We really are moving with the times!

So yes, I’ll be at that seminar, probably bump into some old colleagues, pass by our stand to drop off some stuff and mouth a “hello” to Susie and Lesley who will be in the middle of back to back meetings, have a nice mosey around the other publishers stalls…and yes, no doubt find the time to make a pit-stop at the Cookery Theatre (last year I actually got to help make some Lebanese dumplings). I’m a foodie, I can’t help it.

Ok, so I’ve got my oh-so-stylish A&B carrier bag. Notebook and two pens? Check. Sales notes and a copy of the upcoming book Days to Remember, by Rachel Moore for Susie? Check. Business cards? Check. Entry badge? Check.

Ok, am off!

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity Manager

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