Not watching the Olympics this weekend? Then try this…

Now that the Olympics have really begun, I find I’m feeling less pessimistic about it all. I was certain that, despite Danny Boyle, the opening ceremonies would be a let down, but actually I was impressed. They paired James Bond and the Queen as a skydiving duo, and there was a giant Voldemort – I mean, how much better can you get? And now I return to work after a short holiday to find that London isn’t the place of apocalyptic chaos I’d imagined. It’s actually – dare I say it? – quite quiet.

And now I’ve found something else to thank the Olympics for, which you can all enjoy this weekend. Yes, I might not watch that much actual sport, but I may stroll down to Exhibition Road in south-west London, where until Sunday you can be entertained by an array of artistic, cultural and scientific stuff – including live music, acrobatics, afternoon tea, marching bands, yoga, poetry, and eighteenth-century board games. Sounds like a good Olympic compromise for those who won’t be glued to the sports coverage this weekend!

Sara Magness, Editorial Administrator


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