My vote for one of the best book blogs

There are millions of book blogs and websites out there, full of reviews both devastatingly crushing and over the top exalting. And, in the same way that I marvel at a well-written restaurant review, I take my hat off to those who manage to think up an original way of praising or criticizing a book each week. There are only so many times the words ‘compelling’ or ‘edge of your seat’ or ‘unputdownable’ have any value.

Then I stumbled upon Gossamer Obsessions whose blog I now read for pure entertainment. No flowery language here, just sharp, witty observations that had me giggling out loud. Most of the reviews contain plot spoilers but to be honest, I don’t think it really matters and certainly wouldn’t put you off the book in question. She’s reviewed our own Colleen Gleason, whose Gardella Vampire series we are reissuing in the coming months.  Click here for her very funny précis of Rises the Night and catch a sneak peek of our new cover design (in progress) below!

Lara Crisp, Managing Editor

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