Lost for words

When it’s early on a Monday morning I’m often at a loss for words, until I get a cup of tea usually. Not so the good people at OED who are continually adding to their compendium and giving new words and phrases recognition. And among the latest batch to get the official Oxford English Dictionary stamp of approval include:

Tasty – (adj) violent, good at fighting

Five -second rule – (also three- and ten-) (noun) a notional rule which permits the retrieval and consumption of dropped food within the specified amount of time.

Domestic goddess – (noun) a woman likened to a goddess of the home.

Most surprising of all, especially for someone only just getting their caffeine is that OED have added a non-word to the dictionary. Yes, you heard that right, the ‘heart’ symbol beloved of t-shirt makers and adolescent text-happy girls has also made the cut, the first graphical symbol to do so in its history. Not sure whether I that or not.

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Lesley Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager

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