Literary Lottery

We’ve all done it haven’t we? Day-dreamed about winning the lottery, that is, especially following the glut of recent UK winners. But holidays, palatial residences and an indulged book-habit aside, I have recently added another item to the ‘when I’m rich’ list. Taking inspiration from the anonymous donor who has upped the prize fund for the Samuel Johnson Prize (read more here)  I would endow a prize for literature. I’m stumped though as to which genre if any could most do with my bountiful, currently imaginary, help.

What existing or not-yet-existing literary prize would you contribute to?

Lesley-Anne Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager

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2 thoughts on “Literary Lottery”

  1. I would set up a fund for struggling would be authors to give them that foothold to pursue their dream and see if they could make it into the literary world.It would be named the Hoyle award after the headmaster who tried against the odds to help me believe in myself and my abilities!!!

  2. That is a nice idea. I think I particularly liked the news about the Samuel Johnson prize as it rewarded all the shortlisted authors, which is a nice pat on the back. Perhaps supplementing some of the existing prizes to recognize more authors in this way is the approach I’d take.

    OK, now that’s all sorted, come on lucky dip for the Euromillions!

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