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Audio books are big business these days. It’s the fastest growing part of our industry and the number of audio books produced  has doubled since just 2013*. There are so many situations recently where they have proved their worth to me. My niece is already devouring Roald Dahl on CD. Our editor Sophie has described audio books as essential when migraines prevent her from picking up a book. And as someone who is no stranger to inexplicable 4 a.m. wake ups, I often reach for my headphones to help me tell myself that lying in bed, albeit awake, is still good rest.

But I’m conscious to remember that audio books still serve a vital purpose for many blind, partially sighted and other disabled people today. Which is why a mention in Stylist magazine of Calibre caught my eye.

calibreThis charity offers a free nationwide postal service of recorded books after a one off membership fee and their library of titles (those that are not commercially available*) are read by volunteers. If you think you have these voice work skills, they are looking for volunteers who could record at home in their own time with equipment provided. Check out the website for full details. Otherwise you can simply donate here.

Lesley, Publishing Manager

* Source: Global Audiobook Trends and Statistics for 2016 by Michael Kozlowski

* According to the Calibre website, 95% of all books, magazines never make it into audio, large print or Braille editions.

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