Interesting public publicity stunts…

A few stories have caught my eye recently about publicity stunts in public places, many of which were in New York city (co-incidence? You decide.)

First of all, a troupe of improv actors are trying to brighten up everyone’s day by acting out scenes from famous films. Read more here…
I don’t know about anyone else but bumping into Darth Vader unawares on the underground may reawaken some childhood issues for me but I wonder if they’ve ever had a member of the public try to come to Princess Leia’s aid?

Moving on, I spotted this article about one author’s novel way of gaining some publicity for her book which involved hiring actors to read her book in public. Read more here…

Then, over on our side of the pond, this Sunday in Edinburgh saw a Zombie-Walk (ie. crowds dressed up as Zombies parade the city) ending at Forbidden Planet with a booksigning with Dr Dale – founder of the School of Survival, author of Dr Dale’s Zombie Dictionary, and leader of the must-see improv seminar How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse performing at the Edinburgh fringe now!

Any good publicity stunts or flash mobs anyone’s seen or been caught up in?

Lesley Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager

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One thought on “Interesting public publicity stunts…”

  1. The other day I was on my way from the office to gym when I passed by an ice-cream van. At first I thought great, I’ll go to gym and then head back here for dessert (I know, it’s flawed) but then I realised that there was something odd about the van. Sure enough, on closer inspection I realised that it was emblazoned with the very un-icecreamy ‘Auto Trader’ branding. Not only that but I noticed that people were in fact not buying ice-creams but that they were being handed out for free! Alas, by the time I’d done my pilates and headed back, the van had departed. But ice-cream on a hot summers day? I think the most effective marketing is the simplest.

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