Inspire us…for some free books!

In the A&B office, we’ve been talking about our personal resolutions which range from starting yoga, cooking a new recipe once a week and writing more letters (that’s right, proper letters, with pen and paper and everything), to stop using the Snooze button and using the word ‘discombobulate’ more often.

But we’re sure you all have some resolutions of your own, some serious and some fun, and…well, we’d like to hear about them! Nothing like getting a bit of inspiration from our readers!

So to encourage you to share one of your resolutions for 2013 (we know you’re a busy bunch) we’re offering the chance to win a copy of Devoured and Death on the Pont Noir – two books which were selected by Crimesquad and Reviewing the Evidence (respectively) as one of the Top Ten crime reads for 2012!










So, enter the competition here  (by 31 January 2013). We’ll post our favourite answers in a subsequent blog – as others may be amused or inspired by your answers too…

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager


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3 thoughts on “Inspire us…for some free books!”

  1. I now believe with resolutions the two key words are ‘will try’, i.e. I will try to loose weight. I will try to learn to knit and to bear in mind to learn or do a bit of something is 100 times better than doing nothing at all.

    So bearing this in mind my new resolutions are –

    1. Try to give people the benefit of the doubt, when they have done something questionable.

    2. Try to read some new authors that I wouldn’t normally try.

    3. Try to learn a new skill or interest.

    4. Try to loose some weight.

    Sorry, not very inspiring, but realistic – hopefully! 🙂

  2. Resolutions – and I hate making them in January – particularly today when the snow is pouring down outside and my preferred resolution is to hibernate until the temperature rises above freezing point.

    However, these look like great books and I want to have a stab at winning them, so without more ado herewith my resolutions.
    1. I will engage my brain and consider my audience before opening my mouth.
    2. When I am full I will put down my fork and step away from the table.
    3. I will try to understand that I do not need to keep every piece of printed matter I have ever read.
    4. I will attempt to consider clothing that is not black.
    5. I can’t go abroad or even on long holidays – I’m a carer, as well as holding a full-time job – but I resolve to do more day trips to enjoy what England has to offer.
    6. And of course I resolve to read even more A&B books than last year.

    Thanks for the great books you publish – have a great 2013.

  3. Last year I told myself something along the lines of count to ten, or bite your tongue before letting rip.

    This year I will try to countdown from 20.

    Anger issues… or stupid people issues. I’m not sure yet.

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