If only we had DogBooks instead…

In yesterdays Stylist I came across the story about the launch of DogTV. Quite literally, TV for Dogs.  Yes, that’s right, a digital channel broadcasting programmes specifically for pooches.

It is a known and depressingly accepted fact that we, humans, spend far too much time sitting in front of the TV. We have a child obesity problem partly due to the fact that kids nowadays spend hours playing computer games or watching DVDs instead of running around outside playing all manner of games like all children should. Furthermore the Evening Standard‘s recent exposé on London’s  illiteracy crises revealed children were more likely to own an Xbox than a book.
And now, it looks like we’re getting our pets hooked on TV too.  (Ok, the Americans are, but I’m sure the concept will cross the pond eventually.)

I am sure that the studies are correct and dogs benefit from DogTV when they are alone, but I can’t help feeling it’s a quick-fix that will stop owners making the effort to look for better ways to keep their dogs stimulated (how about finding other dog-owners with whom to pool resources in order to get a group dog sitter?) and may end up using DogTV even when they are back from the office.

Just like it’s easier to plonk your child in front of the TV instead of building a castle out of a cardboard box, it would be easier to sit your dog in front of DogTV instead of taking it out to the park to play catch. And there’s something almost more pitiful about picturing a dog sitting at home on the couch watching footage of a collie happily chasing a ball on screen.  Strikes me a bit like throwing salt in the wound in a  “this is what you could be doing” sort of way…

As much as children might be happy watching endless episodes of Winnie the Pooh on TV, they would gain more from reading the book or having it read to them.  If only the creators of DogTV could have come up with books for dogs, now that would be really something.

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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