I D Roberts on Research & Wassmuss

Q. My husband and I really enjoyed your book and would like to know how long it took you to research it? We investigated ourselves about the real life character, Wassmuss, who we found fascinating. Diedre, London.

Hi Diedre,

Many thanks for your kind words about, and interest in, Kingdom Lock. I’m delighted you and your husband enjoyed the book. There’s more to come!

As for how long it took me to research… Well, that is still ongoing. It’s amazing how I keep uncovering new and interesting things about the period, the area I set my stories, and some of the historical characters involved. I think, what with the current interest in the First World War, more and more documents are being unveiled and more and more information is being revealed about certain situations and people during the First World War.

Wilhelm Wassmuss is one such character. When I first came across him, some seven years ago, I could hardly find anything about him at all. Whereas now he has his own Wikipedia page! But as for general research… I peruse old diaries, military reports, maps and photographs, as well as hunting out new and fascinating books (both recent and old) related to the war. More often than not there is some little gem somewhere inside of them that I store away for use in a later story. And it’s amazing how much films and fiction made and published both during the war and since can help, too.

So, I hope that answers your question, and thank you once again for your interest in Kingdom Lock.

Kingdom Lock is available to buy in hardback. The paperback will be out in November 2014.

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  1. Hi, you’ll see from my review that I thoroughly enjoyed your debut novel. I’m wondering if you have plans to write a sequel (or, preferably, a whole series). I’m already hooked on the protagonist and there seems to me to be so much scope for further adventures. Please?

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