I'll have a Russian Stoat, please.

Doom Bar, Iron Horse and Smild (the latter probably accurately pronounced with a bit of a slur).
‘Why are you throwing these strange words at us Lesley’, you may very well ask, ‘what on earth are they?
‘Beers, of course’, would be my worldly and slightly superior reply.

About a week ago I enjoyed a lovely day out in at my local summer Beer Festival. The sun was fitful, the enclosure was busy but sitting back enjoying a few out-of-the-ordinary tipples with friends was not a bad way to pass an afternoon. I’d like to think that the variety of beers, ciders and perrys exposed my palate to flavours that will improve my general culinary/tasting credentials, after all, I’d never had anything Elderflower based before, let alone a mild ale. But…who am I kidding? Apart from passing on the discovery that a beer that promises chocolate flavours will probably not live up to the hype, I would heartily recommend Florisgaarden Ninkeberry, a mango-passionfruit flavoured Belgian beer that was exceptionally easy to drink. At the end of the day, fun was had by all and two friends are now CAMRA members.

You can find out if a festival is happening near you and more about CAMRA here.  But for biggest event in the UK, don’t miss The Great British Beer Festival which starts tomorrow (3 – 7 August) at Earl’s Court in London.

Lesley Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager

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