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You have to have lived on a different planet the past few years not to have heard about Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestselling memoir. Recent photos have been in the paper this weekend of Julia Roberts who plays the part of Gilbert in the film of the same name due out next year.  Click here for pics!

(Really? Gave birth to twins, is 42 and is still the ultimate pretty woman. Sigh…)

But aside from Julia Roberts in a bikini, is there any chance this film can deliver one millionth of (to put it eloquently) the thinky, feely vibes you get from the book? Gilbert’s book doesn’t have an A to B plot – at least not on the outside. It’s the internal journey that’s more exciting than her actual physical travels – for those unfamiliar with the book Gilbert goes to the three I’s (Italy – to eat, India – to pray, and Indonesia – to love). But how do you translate this to screen? I’m reserving judgement till the film comes out of course but for Gilbert fans, here’s proof the woman is still on her journey. And she has some tips for the rest of us:

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Lara Crisp, Managing Editor

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