Happy Shakespeare Day!

There are lots of weird and wonderful ‘national days’, including some more bizarre than others (Pi Day or Towel Day, for example). But today has, I think, a worthwhile theme – as well as being St George’s Day, it’s also the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth and death. So dig out the lace ruff and get into an Elizabethan mood, because today is Shakespeare Day!

You can also call it Talk Like Shakespeare Day, if you’re so inclined – a perfect excuse to call someone a ‘moldwarp’ or a ‘hedge-pig’ (Visit the Shakespearean Insulter for some inspiration). Or perhaps you’d prefer to head down to the Globe Theatre to see the very first showing of a new production of The Tempest. Or perhaps, if you can blag tickets, you’ll be off to see Othello at the National Theatre (I’m very excited to be seeing this in May).

But if you can’t make it to any of these productions, there are other ways to mark Shakespeare Day…

Why not watch one of the great DVD adaptations out there – you can probably buy most of them for a pittance. Personally I recommend the version of Much Ado About Nothing starring Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson and a ridiculously wooden, villainous Keanu Reeves – can’t get better than that.

Or delve into the Allison & Busby classic, The Late Mr Shakespeare, by Robert Nye – a wonderful novel written from the perspective of one of Shakespeare’s favourite actors, Pickleherring, who gives a spirited account of all the things you may have wondered about the Bard’s life.

Or maybe just celebrate Shakespeare in a small way, by contemplating one of his many great quotes. You can find a great selection at Brainy Quote, but here’s one to get you started: A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

Happy Shakespearing!

Sara Magness, Editorial Administrator

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