Happy Green Britain Day!

Today is Green Britain Day – a day to get together to do one green thing for the planet. Can’t say it started off well for me. In the process of making my first cup of tea in the office this morning, I opened the cupboard and proceeded to get hit in the face by a falling mug.  OW! G%$£%*!!
Well, Happy Green Britain Day to you too.
I am now nursing a sore lip and whilst this could propel me to suggest we use light, recyclable paper cups from now on, I think the only green thing that will come of this episode will be a fat bruise.
But let me not dampen the day, I am sure we will all think of something green to do for the planet (I’ll have you know that Lara and Louise regularly take all our manuscripts to the local recycling bins near the office when they are done with them) and in the meantime here are some of our green covers – call it our way of waving the Green Flag…

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity Manager

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