Happy Burns’ Night

Burns’ Night (today 25 January) isn’t really my kind of shindig. There’s whisky for one thing, of which I love the smell but can’t stomach at all, and then there’s haggis (repress shudder and move on). And while a raucous célidh might be tempting, I’ll take pity on any prospective dance partners’ toes and bow out graciously.

My suggestion for an alternative Burns’ Night runs as follows:

  • Warm those taste buds up with a stand-in for the ‘wee dram’. G&T over here please.
  • “Ah, my very good Chinese delivery man, welcome!” I think I’ll pass on the neeps and tatties and help myself to a large helping of Mongolian lamb instead.
  • And as Burns’ Night falls on a ‘school night’, I think it’s safe to say I’ll be tucked up with a book instead of dancing the night away.

Have a good time anyone who is celebrating the day in the proper way!

Lesley-Anne Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager

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