Get ready for National Libraries Day

Library goers up and down the UK are preparing to mark National Libraries Day on 4 February 2012. It will be the finale to a week of events that will celebrate libraries and librarians, and highlight the importance of reading. For example, in London at Canning Town Library, library users will be able to hear stories and songs from the Children’s Laureate, Julia Donaldson. Whilst in Filey, North Yorkshire, Chinese New Year dragon-themed activities will be taking place with a treasure hunt and a library quiz. Find out more about activities taking place in your area here.

So, what is a library?

‘What a ridiculous question!’ I’m sure you’re thinking. Don’t worry I do know what a library is – indeed I spent the majority of my childhood weekends at the local library! But if one was to sum up a library in one sentence, shorn of all the ‘extras’ which can range from homework clubs, finding out about local history, to advice on starting a business and how to get online, what would it be?

For me it would be something like this: a building full of free books which can be taken home, returned once read and then swapped for more, a cycle that can go on forever.

Sounds pretty fantastic, right? Without diminishing the importance of the ‘extras’ – in fact it’s services like these which make libraries so invaluable to the community – stripping it all away to expose a library’s basic function can make one really appreciate what a fabulous concept libraries are. Certainly, an institution worth celebrating and, indeed, protecting.

So, perhaps make a special effort on National Library Day to visit your local library and ‘Use it. Love it. Join it’ (to echo the event strapline). How will you get involved? Why not tell us your plans via the comment box below or tweet us @Allisonandbusby using the #NLD12 hashtag.

Rebecca Kellaway, currently doing working experience at A&B

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  1. Had no idea this was happening. Coincidentally, yesterday I wrote a blog about how much I love my library and how sad I will be if it closes. They don’t seem to be participating in this event. I still might pop in to say hi though.

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