Getting all technical…

I’m feeling all internet savvy today. I’ve been using words like plug-ins and widgets and mini-feeds. I’ve been exploring the plethora of free features that are available on WordPress and discovering how to add things to our web system. Bearing in mind that five months ago I didn’t even know what WordPress was (an old-fashioned industrial printer?) this is quite an achievement. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still very much learning the ropes, but today I think yours truly managed to create an automatic feed to Twitter (to be tested shortly).

I’m still on a high from the fact that our web designers actually agreed to give me access to our website’s FTP storage files (the building blocks of our site). Felt like I was getting special security clearance (I’ve been watching way too much 24). Their willingness to grant me access is proof that a) they have faith in my newfound technical savviness, or b) I can be quite persuasive.
Considering the access codes were given with the strict instructions to “please, please try not to break anything” leads me to believe the latter, but I won’t dwell on that.

(Ok fine, by access codes I meant usernames and passwords – but access codes sounds so much more MI6 high tech…allow me the thrill.)

Anyway, so yes, making headway on Twitter-linking, next up Facebook. But that will have to wait a couple more days becuase they’ve ruined our BUSINESS page. Just when I’d got to grips with it they go and change the Profile setup so we lost features and had our Events listing merged with our Wall! This is Facebook-speak for those not in the know…  (You see how far I’ve come?) But for all you Facebookers (that is the official term) I’ll be creating a new Allison & Busby GROUP page to rectify this annoying problem and  will let you know when that’s up an running.

Better go, my mobile is vibrating.  See? High-tech stuff happening all the time.

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity Manager

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