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Murder mystery is most definitely having a ‘moment’. With all the Sherlock mania lately, the nation is fascinated with cracking cases. And now everyone can have a go at sleuthing with UCL’s Museum Murder Mystery night tonight, as part of the Museums at Night programme of events.

detective_7691530_stdA murder has taken place in one of the three museums and teams of up to five must figure out the clues and solve the case. Was it Prof. Grant in the Grant Museum with the elephant tusk? Or perhaps Mr. Bentham in the Octagon Gallery with the walking stick? Or Miss Edwards in the Petrie Museum with the water clock? It’s free and there are also prizes for the best detective costumes.

There’s something rather unsettling about an empty museum, especially one that keeps the preserved skeleton of Jeremy Bentham, so this should be a treat for any amateur detectives out there.

Our very own author Martin Edwards is also a dab hand at hosting murder mystery nights, both Victorian and 1920s Golden Age of detective fiction varieties.  Tempted to take up a little sleuthing yourself?

Sophie, Editorial Administrator

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