From knitting basics to yarn bombing

This past week I have been far too pleased with myself for finishing my first knitting project that is fit for human wardrobes. Granted, the recipient is about 11 weeks old, so she doesn’t have much of a voice yet in sartorial decisions regarding herself, but that hasn’t diminished my pleasure.

However, a recent piece in the Guardian about the new book Best in Show has made me ponder whether knitting clothes is worthwhile when you could be knitting yourself a very docile, well-groomed canine companion – check out the woolly pups here – I particularly love the petite English Bulldog.

And then there is the news of graffiti knitting…or yarn bombing (love it!) as knitters across the country celebrate National Wool Week this week (11th-17th October) by leaving their woolly mark around cities ie. wrapping public statues in scarves, placing knitted animals or miniature people on pavements and trees, and leaving other knitted motifs out and about.  Read more in the Guardian here…

Makes my efforts seem rather mundane now. I may have inadvertedly done my bit for wool week, but doubt any guerrilla knitters like Knit the City’s Yarn Corps would accept me into their inner circle…

Lesley Crooks, Sales & Marketing Manager

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  1. A new word I learned today: Knittivism – noun. a doctrine emphasising vigorous or militant knitting activity, e.g. the use of knitting in mass demonstrations, urban interventions, in controversial, unusual or challenging ways, especially political causes.

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