Friday fun…and a reason not to hate Mondays.

I’m usually depressed at the number of adverts I see on the tube which generally project the image that we are all leading very unsatisfactory lives.  It would seem that the majority of us need more sleep (Take Pro-Plus!), need more energy (Red Bull Gives you Wings!), need a holiday (shot of the Maldives with Wish you were here?), need more money (Consolidate your loans!), need a re-mortgage, need a job, need a better job, need to go back to school to get a better job (Burbeck college offers evening classes!)…

So it was with some delight that someone forwarded me a link to a new ad by the online job-seeking site which, far from adding to the morose tone of the other ads, made me laugh out loud.

I may be lucky enough that I don’t hate Mondays, but for anyone who does, at least you know things could be worse…. A little fun for a Friday.

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Marketing Manager

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