Friday browsing: The most beautiful libraries in the world

Today, I came across this wonderful link to the most beautiful libraries in the world. Any place that is packed with books holds a world of inspiration within, no matter what size, shape or form it may take. But if your idea of a library is of a dated, boring or ugly hall with old books, mismatched chairs and dusty shelves, browsing these wonderful pictures might change your perspective…

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Great to see Bristol Central Library and Peckham Library in South London featured on the list; who knew that a library could look as cool as an Apple store (see Stuttgart City Library); love the open-air-feel of Taipei’s Beitou Branch Public Library; but my favourite has to be the Old Market Library in Min Buri, Bangkok.  Like a secret hideaway…how can you not want to sneak away with a book and relax in a corner here for a few hours?

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity & Online Marketing Manager

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