Favourite things at Xmas

I’m a sucker for a number of things at this time of year as the urge to get all Christmassey descends upon me.

Firstly, beautiful stationery. Particularly gorgeous, thick pads and journals, cards and I was even drooling over be-a-utiful bookplates online the other day.

Secondly, cookery books (featuring James Martin if possible…ahem…) with plenty of pictures. Saying this, you’ll understand why I was delighted to find that our talented author/illustrator Harriet Russell who brought you the absolutely charming visual feast that is Envelopes last year had worked her magic on the children’s edition of The Silver Spoon.

And on that postal note (ha! A pun, a bad pun), while you’re thinking of your Christmas cards like me, last posting dates within the UK – are the 21st for First Class and the 18th for Second Class.

Lesley Crooks, Sales & Marketing Manager

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