Elizabeth Corley – What’s next after Innocent Blood?

Q. I have really enjoyed the four Fenwick/Nightingale novels and wondered if there were plans for anymore following Innocent Blood? Andrew Newman, Rotherfield, East Sussex

A. I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed the Fenwick/Nightingale series so far – and thank you for letting me know that you did!
I am working on the fifth book now and – if my editor likes what I have written – I think I am well over half way.
This book is taking longer to write because I also work full time and, like a lot of people, life is very busy at the moment. The writing is going well, though, and that is always a strong motivation. Once the World Cup is over I will also be a little less distracted in the evenings but as I work a lot of the time in Germany you can imagine the atmosphere right now! I have my fingers crossed for tonight.
Best regards and thanks again for your interest and support.

Elizabeth Corley

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  1. The books are brilliant. i have 2 requests; 1. that we are all informed when book 5 emerges and 2. that Ms Corley starts work immediately on book 6. a professional should not hide behind excuses about football!

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