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Q. I am a huge fan of your writing style,  having read all of the John Peace series. I have enjoyed them so much that I have a beautiful hardcover collection in my library. I am looking for a hardcover edition of Tested by Fate, as that 3 part series is my next read. Any ideas you could provide on helping me find that book in hardcover would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your kind consideration. Dan


Tested by Fate was only published in the USA by MacBooks as part of a trilogy and it was never put out in hardback. In the UK Nelson & Emma was two novels and it was judged that the first novel was too long,which is why the Americans broke it into three. The other two are in hardback of course but I assume you already have these. If not I will undertake to send you one and signed at a median ABE price plus postage and I will include a letter explaining how the idea was arrived at and some of the problems I encountered before it was published.

Hope you have also read the Harry Ludlow novels which started with The Devil’s Own Luck.

Best wishes,
David Donachie

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  1. Thank you so very much for your generous offer and I would most certainly like to take you up on it. I have “On a Making Tide” in hardcover. So it seems I am only looking for the 2nd hardcover?

    I have read the entire series of novels from Forester, O’Brian, Stockwin, Kent, Pope, Woodman, Hammond, McGrath, Lambdin, Nelson, etc. I just thoroughly enjoy that you make John Pearce grounded and more than simply a hell-bent frigate captain.

    In addition I supplement the fiction with non-fiction research. I especially enjoyed The History of the American Sailing Navy: The Ships and Their Development and the work of Taylor’s “Commander: The Life and Exploits of Britain’s Greatest Frigate Captain”, Cordingly’s “Cochrane” and the works from Sam Willis.


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