COOK(ing the)BOOKS…

In a week where we’ve had book-sized blocks of chocolate everywhere around the office (see Sara’s post), I now have come across a mention of an actual edible cookbook in my Emerald Street email.  Click on the picture below and click through to see the stages of ‘composition’.

How utterly wonderful is that?

It has set my mind whirling in a Willy Wonker style as to gastronomic versions of books: perhaps printed leaves of edible, fizzing candy for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! And, in taste sense continuation of my smell-a-vision post, I would definitely subscribe to a chocoholics edition of Joanne Harris’ Chocolat or Julia’s Chocolates, by Cathy Lamb. Imagine getting comfy with a selection of the dainty morsels packaged with the book, so you can eat each as they come up in the story. Mmmmm…

This is all seriously taxing any feeble fortitude I might possess. Pass that Dairy Milk!

Lesley-Anne Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager

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