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The skies may have stubbornly been deaf to my requests to change from a very dull grey to a more mediterranean blue, so I will try to inject a little colour into everyone’s day by sharing this interesting piece I found via twitter last week.

Jaz Parkinson is a graphic designer who has begun a series of visual representations of novels through the colours that crop up in the narrative. She calls them colour signatures which has a lovely ring to it. They come out looking like this:

This, for Sherlock fans out there, is a representation of A Study in Scarlet. Interesting I thought, as I would have hazarded a guess that a Conan Doyle would be a bit more brooding in colour tone. There are examples for a number of classics, from Alice in Wonderland (which moves from a gorgeous, sweet-shop selection of colour to a block of rather dull white – where on earth is Alice from that point on?) to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (which, of course, favours emerald green).



She’s taking requests on her blog and is now even selling them on Etsy. What colourful reading would you recommend?

Lesley Crooks, Sales & Digital Manager

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