Christmas round-up: Tech vs. Tradition

I’d just driven through something not dissimilar to a hurricane with my brother and sister, fairly pleased with my near rally-driving skill on route to our mum’s in Surrey, and I was quite ready for a cup of tea and some prime Christmas TV. But as we bundled our soggy selves through the door, the house seemed on the darker side of festive and I wondered whether the rest of our family had gone to bed early in the hope that Father Christmas would arrive sooner. Alas, this was not the case – “power cut”, a shadow announced from the living room.

Like much of the South East, and other parts of the UK, with power off and on from then up until the New Year, I was left thinking about how to go about a more traditional Christmas. Luckily, unaffected by flooding we were still able to keep the house cosy; with candles and a pan over the fire for hot drinks (an electric hob was not going to prevent our wine from mulling!). A good stack of books, including a beautiful hardback edition of The Magic Toyshop (below) gifted to me by a friend, kept me company. Gifts like these can be treasured for years, as appreciated in this Book Riot article : a guide to buying the classics.

magic toyshop

When we left for our family’s in fully powered Wales, on Christmas Eve, I was quite happy to get back to the ease of a light switch, and was immediately envious of the multitude of my family who had received Kindles and smart tablets for Christmas. But a part of me enjoyed having a couple of days without a TV, a phone charger and the internet. I think a traditional Christmas is still my favourite.

Whether your Christmas time was filled with technical wonders or family traditions, I hope it was a fun break. A very Happy New Year to you all!

Kathryn Colwell, Publishing Assistant

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