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Author Rachel Caine
Rights UK & Comm ex Can
ISBN 9780749010409
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You think you’re having a bad day?  Joanne Baldwin has lost her job as a Weather Warden and saving the world doesn’t usually come with a decent pension plan.  It also doesn’t come with any guarantees of landing a day job that won’t suck or finding a mystical cure for her critically ill Djinn lover.  Burdened with a difficult sister in need of rescue, accused of weather-related murder, and finding herself in the middle of a Djinn civil war … well, Joanne’s bad times are just getting worse.

With enemies approaching from all sides, not to mention mounting credit card bills (Manolos don’t come cheap, you know) Joanne is praying for a windfall.  But the mother of all hurricanes approaching the Florida coast isn’t quite what she had in mind.

What The Critics Said

'I enjoyed chilling out with this detective story cum thriller cum chick lit fantasy from Rachel Caine...Crisply written, the language edgy and the storyline entertaining. Generous helpings of tongue-in-cheek humour and small portions of magic made it a good read for fantasy sceptics like me...and the fast-paced plotline had me hooked within a couple of pages.'

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