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Author Laurie R King
Rights UK & Comm. Ex Canada
ISBN 9780749015503
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A captivating 1920s thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of the Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes series.

London, 1926. Harris Stuyvesant, agent of the US Bureau of Investigation, is on a mission. A series of bomb attacks on American soil, thought to be enacted by an up-and-coming British politician, have left him with a vendetta more personal than professional. But when his search for answers leads him to government official Aldous Carstairs, the US agent may find himself in over his head.

At Carstairs’ recommendation, Stuyvesant enlists the help of Bennett Grey, a man with unique abilities. After the Great War left him with an excruciating sensitivity to human deceit, Grey has withdrawn from the world. Now, however, he must help the American insert himself into the terrorist’s rich and radical social circle. Here Stuyvesant uncovers hidden secrets, a horrifying conspiracy, and wonders if he can trust his touchstone, Grey, to reveal the most dangerous player of all….

What The Critics Said

'Set in the mid-1920s in the turbulent run-up to the General Strike and the unrest of the fledgling Labour movement, it is richly imagined vision of an England divided by the mutual fear and hatred of the new wave of socialists and the old and privileged Establishment. Laurie R King’s research and scholarship bring the social and political aspects of the book to life, her writing is superb, descriptions of place and time are almost cinematographically lush, but it is the intelligence and strength with which she draws her characters – particularly the women – which carries this mystery far beyond the ordinary.'

Crime Review

'A wonderfully created novel...The characters were vivid and well presented and the settings were wonderfully described... Laurie R King has shown that she is indeed a very talented writer.'

The Bookbag

'A rich and diverse offering which challenges the mind and demands a single-sitting reading... Indeed, part of the pleasure of this novel is in the savouring, with the lead character of Bennett Grey a superb vehicle from whom to provide just one of the many perspectives in this book...[Laurie R King] continues to produce absolute gems.'

It's A Crime! (Or a Mystery!)

‘Daunting, mysterious, warm, inviting and ferocious. Read it!’

Historical Novels Review

‘Knotted with tension...A thriller of classic proportions’

Good Book Guide

‘Cinematic... Combines a compelling plot with a richly, even
lushly, imagined time and place’


‘Intelligent, witty, complex and atmospheric...Spellbinding’

Washington Post

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  1. Pippa Watts

    An explosive start for a new series. I adore the Mary Russell series and was happy to try something new by Laurie, she didn’t disappoint. From the start I was drawn into Harris’ investigation and his growing friendship with Bennett Grey.
    The different twists and subplots kept me engrossed so much I never saw the ending coming!
    An absolutely must for all crime lovers, I can’t wait for more.

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