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The Seal King Murders

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E-book, E-Book (USA), Paperback


Author Alanna Knight
Rights World
ISBN 9780749040277
Pages 320
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The year is 1861 and Inspector Faro is heading back to Orkney to enjoy some home comforts.  However, his rest is disrupted when he is given a special assignment from an old friend, Detective Superintendent Macfie. Macfie’s cousin-in-law, Dave Claydon, a champion swimmer, has drowned in mysterious circumstances. Was his death really an accident, or is something more sinister going on?

Arriving in Orkney, he is met with rumours of missing artefacts, the myth of the seal king, a dead body under the floor of Scarthbreck, Inga St Ola, his first love, and a mother who is determined to find him a wife. But, in Faro’s opinion, no matter how distracting the local legends are, or how valuable the artefacts, one man’s life, or needless death, is truly beyond price. Will he be able to solve the case, or will it disappear into the annals of Orkney?

What The Critics Said

'The book is really gripping and her research is first rate and truly evocative of the 1860s and I found it intensely interesting. Well recommended.'


'I’ve followed and enjoyed this series for years, and applaud Ms Knight’s decision to write about Faro’s early years in the force. There aren’t many novels set on Orkney in the 1860s either...A well-loved series [and] there is always something to enjoy. Read this one for the characters, the setting or the ambience rather than the plot.'

My Shelf

‘A good solid world of historical detective fiction, providing plenty of action and plot twists to keep the reader interested. There is a good sense of time and place, with the Orkney Islands and people being particularly well realized…well-written and satisfying... It can be easily read by anyone unacquainted with the other Faro novels and assumes no previous knowledge of the character or his exploits... All-in-all a very enjoyable read.’

Historical Novels Review

'It is fascinating to find a detective novel set against the unusual backdrop of Orkney in 1861...What emerges is a thoroughly enjoyable mystery whose pace is perfectly judged to keep you turning the page. En route to the book's violent conclusion you learn more about Faro's early life and his background, and some of the influences that made him the man so well known to readers of the other books in the series.'

Undiscovered Scotland

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