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The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century

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Author George Friedman
Rights UK & Comm ex Can A/NZ
ISBN 9780749007430
Pages 256
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The Controversial New York Times Bestseller


‘Conventional analysis suffers from a profound failure of imagination. It imagines passing clouds to be permanent and is blind to powerful, long-term shifts taking place in full view of the world’


In his long-awaited and provocative new book, George Friedman turns his eye on the future – offering a lucid, highly readable forecast of the changes we can expect around the world during the twenty-first century. He explains where and why future wars will erupt (and how they will be fought), which nations will gain and lose economic and political power, and how new technologies and cultural trends will alter the way we live in the new century.


As head of Stratfor, the world’s leading private-intelligence and forecasting agency (often referred to as the ‘Shadow-CIA’), Friedman’s company has received incredible accolades for working ahead of the news media and being right on the pulse of political and military action as it unfolds across the globe.


In The Next 100 Years he makes some shocking predictions, including that of Mexico rising as a major threat to U.S. power, but all supported with intelligent and thought-provoking evidence. Some may be sceptical, others intrigued. Either way, it makes for fascinating, stimulating and provocative reading.


Drawing on a fascinating exploration of history and geopolitical patterns dating back hundreds of years, Friedman shows that we are now, for the first time in half a millennium, at the dawn of a new era – with changes in store.

What The Critics Said

‘Through his interpretation of geopolitics, one gets the sense that Friedman's guess is better than most’

Best Book of the Month

‘The book’s general bet that conventional wisdom will turn out to be wrong is, historically, correct’

Steven Poole's non-fiction choice

‘Mr Friedman’s work warrants the investment of an evening of careful reading’

Washington Times

‘A unique combination of cold-eyed realism and boldly confident fortune-telling… Engrossing entertainment’

Publishers Weekly

‘The Next 100 Years is fascinating because of its dismissal of the conventional wisdom. Radical Islam is a blip, Friedman believes, and the Middle East is too rife with internal disagreements to ever be a major power’

New York Post

‘Friedman…has a record of clear-eyed thinking. He has the unusual ability to view events through the eyes of not only American but also foreign leaders. Taut and smartly argued’

New York Observer

‘Readers will enjoy this steady stream of clever historical analogies, economic analyses and startling demographic data…backed with vast knowledge of geopolitics delivered in accessible prose’

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