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Island of the Mad

Cover of Island of the MadRead An Extract of Island of the Mad

Author: Laurie R King

Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780749022648
Rights: UK & Comm ex Can
Pub. Date: 24th January 2019

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Price: £8.99

Format: Paperback

Part of the series:
Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes

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June, 1925. Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes are enjoying a well-needed relaxing summer evening in their home on the Sussex Downs. However, Russell soon receives a desperate telephone call from an old friend. Veronica's aunt, Lady Vivian Beaconsfield, has disappeared following a supervised outing from Bethlem Royal Hospital. With Russell herself feeling less than balanced, the last thing she wants to deal with is the mad; however, she agrees to investigate. 

Having spent most of her adult life in and out of one asylum after another, Lady Beaconsfield at last seemed to be adjusting to her confinement at Bethlem. So why did she disappear? And why is there no trace of the nurse who accompanied her? 

In their search for the missing women, Russell and Holmes follow the trail from the cold, harsh wards of the hospital through to the ethereal beauty of Venice. Caught up in decadent soiress, the rising tide of fascism and the myth of a haunted madhouse, the pair will discover that there are secrets hidden in the lagoon and nothing is quite as it seems.

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Ah, the joy when returning characters live up to expectations and then exceed then! Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes (or "Mr Russell", as he becomes, for a while, in this, their 15th case) provide a more traditional mystery this time, with a case of " cherchez la femme", when one of Mary's university friends seeks helps in finding her aunt, missing after a visit from the Bethlem Hospital for the insane. The first question posed is why she was there in the first place; the second question Russell and Holmes soon ask themselves is did she plan her own escape and, if so, she may be slightly less insane than others have been led to believe...
Following clues, Russell and Holmes find themselves in Venice, immersed in 1920s eccentricities and parties, meeting colorful characters and masked party goers, in their quest to discover the truth about Lady Vivian Beaconsfield. Darkness lurks, in the form of the rising fascism of Mussolini and his Blackshirts, and closer to home for the Beaconsfield family there may be some sadness uncovered, but this is an immensely entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable tale. It's good to see Ms Russell up to numerous naughty tricks, too!ScotKris

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