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Henry’s Sisters



Author Cathy Lamb
Rights UK & Comm ex Can
ISBN 9780749008284
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This is a story about a family that’s fallen apart and ends up being put back together again. It’s about a Queen Anne house, a bakery, a motorcycle, a mid life crisis Corvette, flowery smelling pink letters,  an amusing divorce, burning bras, a crime writer, love, a kid who studies different religions each week, fear, giant cupcakes, a lost father, and a disastrous childhood partially spent living in a car…

‘I would have to light my bra on fire. And my thong. It is unfortunate that I feel compelled to do this because I am particular about my bras and underwear. I spent most of my childhood in near poverty, wearing scraggly underwear and fraying bras held together with safety pins or paper clips, so now I insist on wearing only the truly elegant stuff…besides after that pink letter arrived yesterday, I needed to breathe.’

Ever since the Bommarito sisters were little girls, their mother has written them letters on pink paper when she has something especially important to tell them. This time, the message is urgent and impossible to ignore. River Bommarito requires open heart surgery, and Isabelle and her sisters are needed at home to run the family bakery and to take care of their brother, Henry, and grandmother, Stella, who believes she’s Amelia Earhart.

Poignant, funny, and as irresistible as one of the Bommarito Bakery’s delicious giant cupcakes, Henry’s Sisters is a novel about family and forgiveness, mothers and daughters, and gaining the wisdom to look ahead while still holding tight to everything that matters most.

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