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A Fatal Inheritance

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E-book, E-Book (USA), Paperback

Author Catherine Shaw
Rights World English
ISBN 9780749014858
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It is New Year’s day, 1900, when the brilliant violinist Sebastian Cavendish is found dead. The last few days of his life are a mystery, but in the final hours of 1899 he wrote a cryptic suicide note mentioning a “cursed inheritance”, took poison, and died in agony.

Yet his friends and relations are utterly perplexed. The man they knew and grieve for was vivacious, exuberant and extroverted. His fellow musicians speak of his passion, his drive, and his love of living. The socialites he met, all of whom lavished him with praise, saw only a dazzling future ahead of him. So why, his friends and loved ones ask, would he change his plans at such short notice, disappear for days on end, and take his own life?

Vanessa Weatherburn, an established detective and ex-tutor to one of Sebastian’s friends, is engaged to investigate the dead man’s final movements. It is a journey which will reveal to her the science of genetics, the history of Sebastian’s equally brilliant grandfather and the long-kept secrets of the Cavendish family. She must cross continents and trace every lead if she is to uncover the mystery of Sebastian’s inheritance, and why it meant his death.

What The Critics Said

'At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking that this a kind of Edwardian romance, but it is really an excellent novel of investigative mystery along the lines of Paul Gallico, with a brilliantly drawn character, Vanessa Weatherburn taking centre stage and making it her own. Plenty of red herrings and diversions along the way - a truly fascinating study of turn-of-the-century society and conventions alongside a great mystery and some colourful, engaging characters. Absolutely fantastic.'


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