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E-book, E-Book (USA), Paperback

Author Bill Naughton
Rights World English
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Alfie’s not really a bad guy. It’s just that he has this overwhelming desire for the ladies. You might say that ‘birds’ are irresistible to him, sort of second nature. There’s Ruby – ‘A lust box in beautiful condition’; Clare – ‘You’re all lathered in sweat, Alfie’; Siddie – ‘My regular Thursday night bint, a bit leggy for my fancy, but you make a married woman laugh and you’re halfway home’; and Carla, and Annie – but who’s counting? Certainly not Alfie. Three in one evening if necessary. And necessary is the right word…


A now classic novel, immortalised on screen by the great Sir Michael Caine.

What The Critics Said

'Alfie remains the randiest and most shameless
Casanova south of the river...always willing to oblige a lady and you can’t say fairer than that, I mean, can you?’

Sunday Times

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