Book Spying…

Whenever I am on public transport I always have a quick look around the carriage to see what everyone is reading. Those people with pesky E-readers deny me the knowledge so I simply assume they are reading Fifty Shades of Grey and would rather not have the knowing glances. There’s often a lot of variety, from morning newspapers to Jo Nesbo’s to the middle-aged suited man shamelessly reading Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets – with the children’s cover to boot. He saw me looking and dared me to laugh. I gave him a nod of respect instead.


And what did I see last week but a woman on the Victoria Line reading our very own Caro Fraser’s Errors of Judgment. I spent a good five minutes observing and came to the conclusion she was enraptured. There was chuckling, smiling and a brief look of horror which means the protagonist Leo Davies was up to his mischief again. Then she saw me looking and I wanted to shout I work at A&B to make the situation slightly less odd. But nonetheless I love seeing A&B books when I’m out and about, plus it makes my commutes much more interesting.

9780749014728 Errors of Judgment

Have you spied any A&B books lately?

Sophie Robinson, Editorial Administrator

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