Bid for an autumn bank holiday

I read in The Mirror today that the Work Secretary will announce plans which include the possibility of giving employees a new Bank Holiday to commemorate those who have been killed at their work place. It aims to make people more conscious about Health & Safety , and I have to admit the grim news that 180 people died at work last year was enough to give me pause for thought. And see me treading down our steep office stairs a little more carefully this morning.

Without wishing to belittle what the Bank Holiday would represent, I can’t help but hope that if they do pass the proposal for a new Bank Holiday they don’t choose to mark it around Worker’s Memorial Day (April 28). Everyone knows breaks from work are healthy, so considering the Easter holiday falls late March or April, and we have two bank holidays in May, surely it would make sense to space things out a bit? I propose they choose to mark it in the autumn, around Boss’ Day (October 16) – which would dutifully flag up the issue that every boss should be concerned for the Health & Saftey of his/her employees.

Anyone with me? I could start a petition.

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity Manager

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