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I’ve just had a lovely tea with Australian beauty guru Tali Shine (of Tali Shine Cosmetics for Girls on the Go)  who is friends with another Australian beauty guru,  Zoë Foster, the author of the debut chick-lit novel Air Kisses we’re publishing this August.  (My, that was a mouthful.) And may I digress for a moment to add that I want to kiss this cover it looks so gorgeous, so if you notice a lipstick mark that rubs off, apologies but it’s mine.

Zoë used to be the Beauty Editor at Cosmopolitan, then Beauty Director at Harper’s Bazaar and now is Editor-in-Chief of the popular website (The Go-To on the How-To in Beauty) and she is, it has to be said, gorgeous. As is Tali, who dropped by to pick up some early copies of the book to give to a few of her equally glam friends in the beauty world here in London. And for a split second I did feel rather inadequate on the beauty-front (a bit like Air Kisses‘ heroine Hannah) and I wished I had had time for a pre-meeting touch up of eye-liner and blush. You see, I tend to go for the ‘au-naturel’ look…purely because I don’t know what to do with half of the contents of my make-up case.  Hence my being delighted by the beauty tips which start each chapter of Zoë’s novel. Plus, how’s this for timing? Zoë is flying over from Australia in August. I’m going to Sydney for a wedding In September. And you can count on me getting all the beauty tips from these Aussie girls to make sure I look just faaabulous!

Chiara Priorelli, Publicity Manager

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