Yvonne Collins

Yvonne Collins studied Criminolgy and Political Science at university, planned to be a cop but failed the psychological profile, launched into a series of unsuitable jobs before finding her foot in film-malking - she can be found on the camera crew of major films - and forming a writing partnership with long-time friend Sandy Rideout. She met Sandy when they were teenagers, while working in a public library in a Toronto suburb; they roomed together at University and their friendship has lasted ever since. Encouraged by Yvonne\'s niece, they first wrote a book for teens called Totally Me: The Teenage Girl\'s Survival Guide and have written both adult and teen fiction.  Yvonne is a home decor junkie, plays the piano and never misses an episode of Coronation Street. She lives in Toronto, Canada (as does Sandy).

Author's Website: http://www.collinsrideout.com

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