Anyone for a soggy commute?

Since the move to our new offices, we’ve all been adjusting our commute morning and evening. Some of us have had to factor in a couple of extra minutes power-walking to make our train, some of us are negotiating new tube connections. None of us are Boris Bike users (I personally think being a pedestrian is dangerous enough in London) but my imagination was momentarily caught by this Guardian piece about a new proposed travel option in our part of the capital:  swimming to work on the ‘Lidoline’.

Hmmmm. Let’s put to one side for a second the issue of the British climate, navigating around swans and other critters, and where you would store all your stuff pre/post swim (would you tow a little raft with your bag???). Those of us who travel to and from the capital on public transport know the real reason this idea is absolutely crazy, don’t we? Clearly the issue is that there’s no place for reading in this commute…

Lesley-Anne Crooks, Sale & Digital Manager

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